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Founders' Celebration for Institute of Chemical Biology


March 28, 2018


The Vanderbilt Institute of Chemical Biology (VICB) held a Founders' Celebration mini-symposium on March 28, 2018 to acknowledge the contributions of its founders, Lawrence Marnett, PhD, and Ned Porter, PhD, and to celebrate 15-plus years of success as a trans-institutional scientific incubator.


The event, which is co-sponsored by the Department of Chemistry, featured as guest speakers internationally known chemists K.C. Nicolaou, PhD, and Andrew Myers, PhD.


The VICB was founded in 2002 as a joint initiative of the School of Medicine and College of Arts and Science by Marnett, currently dean of Basic Sciences in the School of Medicine, and Porter, now research professor of Chemistry. Supported by the University's Academic Venture Capital Fund, its mission was to establish research and education programs that applied chemical technologies to important biological problems.


The institute represents more than 70 faculty members with a combined total of more than 3,500 scientific publications. VICB has supported more than 50 trainees, founded the Chemical Biology Association of Students and since its inception has invited more than 425 guest speakers from around the country to discuss their work.


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Andrew Myers is the Harry Amory Houghton Professor of Chemistry and Chemical Biology at Harvard University. His talk title: "Where do the antibiotics we use come from; should we care? Progress toward the development of new antibiotics effective against drug-resistant gram-negative pathogens."



Dr. Nicolaou is the Harry C. and Olga K. Wiess Professor of Chemistry at Rice University in Houston. His talk title: "The art and science of organic synthesis and its impact on biology and medicine."






Ned Porter (left) and Larry Marnett.



Anne Lara (center) managed the VICB's administrative functions through 2016.







K. C. Nicolaou (center).


L-R: Larry Marnett, K. C. Nicolaou, Gary Sulikowski (VICB Director), Ned Porter








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